Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Women all over the world have a lot in common. Many differences exist as well, but issues facing women can be fascinating to study and compare.One of the fascinations of world literature is the examination of female issues in the literature of various countries. This blog is going to aim at addressing these issues without losing a sense of the wonders of world literature. Hopefully, it remains entertaining while providing some interesting insights. It is written by myself, a college student somewhere in the Midwestern United States, so the perspective may be a little skewed, but a great effort will be concerted to view each work of literature in its own context. The challenges of world literature are a great way of examining multiple feminisms, which is the aim and interest of this blogger and hopefully any readers who find her words of interest. This is blog is an assignment for  a class, so subject matter is somewhat directed.

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  1. Anna, I look forward to reading your blog. Relating the readings to feminism will be very interesting to read and see the connections. I think this is a very interesting and unique take on the books and such that we are reading in class!